Critical summary

For my critical summary I have chosen the subject of disability and the curriculum, my article being “Implementing Disability Sports in the General Physical Education Curriculum”. The authors discuss in this article about how including disability sports such as wheelchair basketball can influence the self image and confidence in students of all abilities. The article begins with short personal story about the impact of an inclusive physical education class, then the authors move through what an inclusive classroom could look like and walks the reader through how to implement these ideas. The authors focus on the positive consequences that come from including disability sport instruction in the classroom, specifically with relationships between students.

There are specific steps given to help successfully put into practice disability sports in the curriculum, an ABC model of steps and what the teacher needs to research and consider before adding this to their gym. The authors provide tools and references to get started with an inclusive phys ed curriculum, including a table of what sports have a referenced disabled sport league, assessment rubrics on what to look for in students, and Paralympic specific sports such as goal-ball. Overall the authors of this article were making a collective guide to how to include all sport just as to include all students.

My plans moving forward is to find a couple other articles to supplement my paper, staying with the topic of an inclusive physical education classroom. To make an outline of my main points, specifying what the authors of the articles agree on and what is different from work to work. I also plan on bringing in the aspect of some financial limitations that will arise in elementary schools while carrying out these plans.

3 thoughts on “Critical summary

  1. Hey Jessica, your topic is a very interesting one that ties into my Kin120 class I feel like very well. do you think the teachers that try and in cooperate these activities are doing so in a way that is inclusive so children that are in say wheel chairs are playing basket ball with other kids in their class that might not be in wheelchairs? or is it more seclusive and more of a special recreation for only the students with disabilities? if its only for the students with disabilities is there enough students within an average school to make a team or class or do they meet with students from other schools?


  2. I am also interested to relate it with hidden curriculum with regard to respect.
    Hope you find other articles and do excellent writing critical summary.


  3. Interesting topic Jessica! I’m very unfamiliar with this topic but I would love to learn more about it. I’m a Big inclusive education supporter so this article sounds like a great read to me. I’d never thought about including disability sports into a phys-ed class before, but after reading you’re post i’m surprised more schools don’t do it. Best of luck with the assignment!


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