Kumashiro response

In the book “The Problem of Commonsense” written by Kumashiro, Kumashiro discusses how the concept of ‘commonsense’ is problematic. The author believes that commonsense is not only an issue in general but specifically in the education system. Through life experiences Kumashiro came to realize that basic routines and knowledge known as commonsense were proven not so common at all if you strayed from your community

It is important to recognize and challenge the idea of commonsense, especially in schools because the assumption of adequacy in how and what we teach children is leading to oppression and exclusion. We as an educational system and society need to be critical of what is being taught or not spoken about but is assumed, Kumashiro discusses in the article how educators need to challenge and change the pre-instilled stereotypes, thoughts and assumptions students have about different groups and communities rather than failing to address these ‘sensitive’ topics.

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