Self Story no.3

It was the day before Christmas break in my sixth grade year at school, and I handed out invitations to all of my friends for my birthday party over the break about a week earlier and was waiting to hear back from them. Since my parents are divorced usually we would hold my party at my Moms house, but Dad offered to host it and I was so excited to have the chance to show my friends my room and home that they had never seen When we finally got released for break my group of friends and I were all sitting together at our usual table at lunch and taking out our lunch bags when I asked them all if they were coming to my party on the 30th. Before this moment I had never thought anything of where I lived, or about money since I had always had never gone hungry and always had the basics of what I needed in both of my houses, until one of the girls told me I was poor. While we ate our lunch one of my closest friends told me that her Mom would not allow her to come to my party because I lived in “The hood” and that her parents said that no little girls should ever be allowed to walk, let alone live in the house and conditions I live in. After she said this the rest of the group began asking questions about how much money my Dad has, if I really was poor and came to the general consensus that they did not want to come to the scary and poor part of town either. I remember feeling confused and embarrassed about where I lived part time and did not understand why living in different area of Regina meant I was seen different to my friends.

One thought on “Self Story no.3

  1. This is actually so sad, and I totally can relate to your story. My parents were divorced too and though I never lived in “the hood” my dads house was always messy and smelly from smoke and animals. Never thinking anything of it, until my friends didn’t want to come over to my house anymore, which was super embarrassing. And as I got older, it only got worse, and none of my friends families were like mine.

    You did a good job telling this story, I would have liked to know how everything ended up, did any friends come over? Did you move the party to your Moms house? Did you say anything to your parents?


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